Promotional Campaign Planning Partner AgencyPromotional Campaign Planning Partner Agency

Promotional Campaign Planning Partner Agency

Collaborate with Prize Professionals and use our years of expertise and learn our tips and tricks to create a perfectly planned prize promotion

It all starts with an idea, but to make that idea a reality you need a plan and a promotional campaign planning partner are the ideal people to work with. That’s where the Prize Professionals come in; we take an idea or objective and turn it into an expertly created prize promotional plan. It’s not just about a list of ideas or what the prizes could be, there are a lot of areas that some agencies usually miss and multiple touch points with customers that are extremely important to get right.

Rather than starting from nothing, start with experts that will get you ahead. Working with Prize Professionals is easy and means you can be confident of receiving a properly formulated, strategic plan that will see your campaign succeed. We’re used to creating prize promotions from start to finish, so for us the planning is simply one stage of what we do on a daily basis.

There’s a lot to think about when planning a prize promotion, giveaway or internal rewards scheme, so let us do all the thinking. Provide us with an objective and we’ll do the rest; it’s all down to our wealth of experience working with some of the world’s largest brands and creating highly successful campaigns.

How we plan promotional campaigns

Objective Focus

Objective focus

All planning always starts with the objective and what you want this campaign to do for your brand, product or client


Strategy, strategy, strategy

So important we said it three times, it’s not just about a flamboyant campaign, but one that is going to meet your objective


Double-up on the detail

It’s easy to miss key elements to your campaign, but not when you’re working with us – we’ve got those gaps covered

How partnering worksHow partnering on a prize promotion works

How partnering on a prize promotion works

When it comes to planning a promotional campaign, we work closely with you to determine exactly what your objectives are. We then take a look at your audience, whether it’s new customers, existing customers or perhaps internal employees. Once we have a picture of what it is you want to achieve and who your target audience are, we then use our years of experience to determine the best promotion that will appeal to your target audience and a prize that will excite them enough to enter.

Working with Prize Professionals is easy. We work how you work and we’re happy to keep you updated as little or as often as you need. Working completely autonomously until we have something to show is also no problem and often what we’re asked to do by most agencies.

Planning is importantPlanning is important

Planning is important

They key to a successful campaign is a strong plan. Without it, you increase the chances of things going wrong and turning an invest to create a positive image into an expensive mistake with potential negative consequences. That’s why we recommend leaving the planning to the Prize Professionals, giving you peace of mind and more free time. Planning is what we do best and is actually where a lot of our time on a campaign is spent. A plan isn’t just a list of ‘to dos’ either as there can be many variables that happen throughout a campaign and eventualities that need to be taken into account.

It’s not just about a completely creative idea or finding the perfect prize either (although we can do that too). It’s about covering the less exciting but equally as important aspects of a campaign like the legal compliance and terms and conditions. What may be legal in one country may not be legal in another, which can cause problems for international or global campaigns. Have tight terms and conditions is also important to reduce disputes and entrants trying to cheat the system.

When these problems arise, it’s usually too late. The last thing you want is a campaign to cost you not just in terms of investment and potential fines, but also in reputation and trust. A winner that actually didn’t win or an entire giveaway that wasn’t even legal is not a great thing to be known for.Let us take care of the not-so-exciting bits of a campaign and plan around these potential problems. We can best advise what would work well and where and how your campaign can be exceptionally successful, all the while keeping the law and your customers happy.

Planned executed and perfectedPlanned executed and perfected

Planned, executed and perfected

We do way more than just planning. As a prize promotion partner agency, we can handle the entire campaign. From prize sourcing to fulfilment and logistics, providing you with a bespoke online incentive platform to winner management – we’re an end-to-end specialist agency.

Save time and let Prize Professionals complete your whole campaign from start to finish. Rather than juggling different agency partners for different stages of your campaign, or trying to have a go yourself, leave it to the experts and let us do our thing. With a wealth of experience, a whole host of trusted prize suppliers and an unbeatable creative team, we will not only envisage a campaign idea, but bring it to life.

Planned to perfection

Planned to perfection

Your new promotional campaign planned perfectly covering every aspect from start to finish

Prize sourcing & fulfilment

Prize sourcing & fulfilment

With a huge list of suppliers, we can find the perfect prize, trip or experience and handle fulfilment

Winner maagement

Winner management & support

We can handle all customer contact including winner management for that ultimate VIP feeling

Why you should partner with Prize ProfessionalsWhy you should partner with Prize Professionals

Why you should partner with Prize Professionals

We’re a prize promotion partner agency for campaigns, incentives and rewards schemes. No challenge is too big for us and we can manage the whole thing if you like. Unlike some partner agencies, we’re completely flexible with our approach and work as an extension of your own agency or brand.

When it comes to planning a campaign, you can be involved as much or as little as you like. You can give us input at each stage of the campaign journey or simply leave us to get on with it ourselves. We’re completely flexible with our planning approach and we’re happy to work in a way that meets your campaign requirements.


Request a quote

We work with agencies, brands and media, so we know everyone has different needs, in the same way every campaign has a different objective. We don’t use ‘off the shelf solutions’ because we believe there can’t be a one-size-fits-all for any successful prize promotion or incentive. That’s why we always create a bespoke quote based on what the brand or company wants that campaign to do, the type of prize or giveaway to include and all the logistics behind running a successful campaign.

So, even if you’re a little curious, request a quote below. You’ve got nothing to lose and you could be pleasantly surprised. All our quotes are totally flexible and we can tweak and refine campaigns to meet your budget while still meeting your objectives.