Winner managementWinner management

Specialist Campaign Winner Management

We’re experts in winner management; notifying winners swiftly and with a personal approach while providing exceptional customer support and meeting all brand guidelines

Creating and running a successful prize promotion campaign is great, but what happens with the winners? If entries aren’t collected and organised correctly, finding and then contacting winners can become much harder than it should be. That’s where the Prize Professionals come in; we remove all the stress and risk of winner management and do it all for you. From the initial contact to continued customer support, we make sure your winners keep smiling from when they’re first told to when they receive their prize.

We make sure every contact made with the winner is on-brand and meets the tone of voice set by the brand. This keeps the whole campaign feeling professional, legitimate and makes the winner feel special. Every winner we contact is made to feel like a VIP, from the moment we let them know all the way through until they have received their prize or returned from their trip.

After the effort and investment in making a standout campaign, the last thing you want is unhappy winners and risk damaged reputation. By letting Prize Professionals take care of the winner management, you’ll save time and reduce risk, letting you get on with what you do best while letting us do our thing.

How our Winner Handling works

Let them know they've won

We let them know they’ve won

Letting your winners know they’ve won in a personalised way that will get them excited

Discount codes

We’re with them every step

Especially with complex travel plans, we’re always in contact and available for support


We make sure they’re happy

We make sure your winners are still happy once they’ve received their prize or returned from their trip

Prize entry claim managementPrize entry claim management

Prize entry & claim management

If you have your own way of collecting winners, great! We’re happy to work with a platform you’re already used to. If not, we offer our own bespoke online entry platform developed by our very own internal team.

Our prize entry and claim management software is completely customisable to your branding and all entry fields such as entry codes can be tailored to your own campaign. All entries are then collected confirming with all GDPR rules, making choosing a winner easier and much safer.

Digital entries are the easiest way to collect customers and choose a winner and our software has been used by some of the world’s biggest brands. Visible online as a branded web page with an simple entry form, a link to the entry form can then be placed on any promotional campaign material, such as packaging an email, digital advert, wherever potential customers are most likely to see the campaign and enter.

Winners managedWinners managed

We manage your winners, saving you time

There is nothing worse than investing in a campaign in order to create a positive brand image and then having problems choosing a winner. Choosing the wrong person, using the wrong personalisation, choosing a winner late, having no response from the winner… There’s a lot that could go wrong.

That’s why we’re confident we’ll do it right. We’ve been managing winners for large global brands for quite some time and we have every eventuality covered. With a specialist winner handling team focused on delivering a full end-to-end winner management experience, each winner will have their very own Prize Professional dealing with their win. It keeps things clean and tidy and means that winner can contact their Prize Professional any time for support for any questions they may have along the way.

Winners feel specialWinners feel special

Your winners made to feel special

Entrants care enough about the brand to enter, so it’s important to show that same care when they win. It’s important to us that all winners are made to feel special since the goal of a campaign isn’t just to promote a brand or product and create a buzz, it’s not just about then choosing a winner either, but ensuring that winner is then a brand advocate for life.

By making a winner feel special, they’ll forever had a positive affinity for that brand or product. Whether it be a single winner or hundreds or even thousands of winners, we make everyone of them feel like a VIP. We do this through personalised, premium contact that is timely and matches your own brand values.

VIP as standard

VIP treatment as standard

Every winner is made to feel special, it’s all part of a truly successful prize promotion

Prize professional

Their very own Prize Professional

Every winner will receive their own Prize Professional for all questions and queries

Delivery to winners

All on-brand and on-budget

VIP treatment doesn’t have to come with VIP costs, you’ll find we’re pretty competitive

Partner with Prize ProfessionalsPartner with Prize Professionals

Why you should partner with Prize Professionals

We partner with agencies. We work directly with brands. We work how you work. Unlike other prize promotion agencies, we offer a full end-to-end service built in a way to work your brief. We don’t have any ‘off the shelf solutions’, because we believe every campaign has different needs. That’s why we take our time to get to know the brand, the objectives of the campaign and the audience to ensure everything works silky smooth.

After working with some of the largest brands in the world on some pretty big campaigns, we know what it takes to manage winners (as well as find the right prize, come up with the right campaign and offer all the support needed). We have every eventuality covered and the team behind you to make you successful. After all; when your winners win, so do you (and we’re rooting for you!).

Think of us as a specialist extension to your own company. We want to work with you, not just for you, because we believe that is the best way to make the best campaign possible.


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We work with agencies, brands and media, so we know everyone has different needs, in the same way every campaign has a different objective. We don’t use ‘off the shelf solutions’ because we believe there can’t be a one-size-fits-all for any successful prize promotion or incentive. That’s why we always create a bespoke quote based on what the brand or company wants that campaign to do, the type of prize or giveaway to include and all the logistics behind running a successful campaign.

So, even if you’re a little curious, request a quote below. You’ve got nothing to lose and you could be pleasantly surprised. All our quotes are totally flexible and we can tweak and refine campaigns to meet your budget while still meeting your objectives.