Competition entry verification managementCompetition entry verification management

Competition Entry Verification Management

We verify competition entries with our unique AI software as well as bespoke individual promotional entry verification

With our bespoke competition entry verification management, we ensure every entry into your competition meets your requirements and it completely legitimate. With years of experience managing a range of campaigns, from entry codes to proof of purchase, we’ve trained our own AI software to analyse and approve entries.

At the same time we’ve reduced entries that don’t meet requirements as well as suspicious entries that are trying to cheat the system.

It takes no time at all to ensure your entries are legitimate, partner with the Prize Professionals and we’ll manage and verify your entries for you.

Your competition entry management = done

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Promotional code, proof of purchase, photo upload, our software can handle it all

Individually verified

Individually verified

Each entry is checked by our AI & any that don’t match requirements are flagged

Mass verification

Mass verification

Hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, we’re yet to find a limit we can handle

End to endVerify every entry

How we verify every entry

Every competition is different, from on-pack promo codes to proof of purchases, even to elaborate ‘send us a selfie with our product’ style campaigns. We’ve partnered with agencies and brands on all types of promotions, training our AI software along the way.

First, we work together to define what is required of an entry. A real name, legitimate looking email address with no duplicate entries, an upload with proof of purchase – what ever it is your entry requirements may be, our AI software can check each entry meets your requirements.

We then ‘plug in’ our AI software into an entry form, whether it be one on your website or a promotional microsite we have built for you. Each entry is then read by our software to ensure legitimacy.

Should any suspicious entries be found, these are flagged to our entry management team for manual confirmation.

Exceptional resultsBeat the cheats

Beat the cheats with entry verification

In rare instances, some individuals try and cheat promotional campaigns by breaking the rules set out by your campaign or even using Photoshop to fake receipts as proof of purchase.

It’s a nice try, but our AI software is advanced enough to recognise these inconsistencies and read patterns that could be related to cheating. We’ve developed our own bespoke software to spot these potential fake entries and flag them for our entry management team to assess.

Our AI entry software is super accurate, but by asking for human confirmation, this ensures that any fake entries are spotted and double checked. It also allows us to learn new techniques used by cheats and train our AI to spot those as well.

Partner with usPartner with us

How partnering with us works

As your partner agency, we’re here to help you. We’re experts in promotional campaigns, from the planning and prize sourcing, to customer support and entry management. And since we know our way around a campaign, you can trust us to support you with what ever it is you need.

We’re flexible when it comes to partnering with agencies or brands. From our years of experience, we know everyone works differently and that’s fine by us. Our teams are used to giving as much or as little support a campaign needs, since every campaign requires a different amount of input.

If you want us to manage the whole thing, great – it’s what we do best. Or if you’d rather we focused on a certain area while you handle the rest, that’s fine by us.

We adapt our way of working so we work best for you.

Tell us what you need

Tell us what you need

We don’t have fixed projects, just a wide range of services for you to pick and choose

Work with you

We work with you

Your goal becomes our goal, so we work to ensure your expectations are exceeded

Done by deadlines

Done by deadlines

We’re used to working super fast, it’s what we do, meaning no deadline is too short

Why you should partner with Prize ProfessionalsPartner with Prize Professionals

Why you should partner with Prize Professionals

A promotional campaign is a big investment, which is why you want to partner with people you can trust. We get it, and with our years of experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands, we know exactly what is needed for a campaign to succeed.

It’s one of the reasons we offer a campaign entry management service since it’s an area often over-looked by other agencies. We often build campaigns from scratch, offering a full end-to-end management service, so we know what to look out for.

We also understand sometimes things need to be done quickly, like ‘right now’ quick. That’s fine as well, since we’ve never missed a deadline.


Request a quote

We work with agencies, brands and media, so we know everyone has different needs, in the same way every campaign has a different objective. We don’t use ‘off the shelf solutions’ because we believe there can’t be a one-size-fits-all for any successful prize promotion or incentive. That’s why we always create a bespoke quote based on what the brand or company wants that campaign to do, the type of prize or giveaway to include and all the logistics behind running a successful campaign.

So, even if you’re a little curious, request a quote below. You’ve got nothing to lose and you could be pleasantly surprised. All our quotes are totally flexible and we can tweak and refine campaigns to meet your budget while still meeting your objectives.