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Customer Service Support for Promotional Campaigns

We’ll handle your customer support, questions & queries by phone and online for your entire promotional campaign

The campaign is set, perfect prizes have been sourced and the logistics are in place, but what happens to any customer questions… Have you thought about your customer service support for your promotional campaign?

It’s an easy part of your campaign to forget, but in our years of experience, there’s always customers who need help. Whether it being help with entering your competition or giveaway, assistance redeeming prizes or customers who just want to find out more, there’s always questions. So how do you answer them?

That’s where the Prize Professionals come in. We have dedicated teams of customer support executives who are on call to assist with any questions or queries your audience may have. Available by phone or online, your campaign will be given its very own customer support team who will know your promotion inside and out, making them the very best people to talk to.Pass the responsibility of exceeding customer expectations on to us, and we’ll be sure to exceed yours.

Your campaign customer support taken care of

Dedicated team

Dedicated team

Your campaign will be assigned a team especially for your promotion, making them the ideal people to talk to

Happier customers

Happier customers

Questions answered quickly = happier customers meaning a better brand image and a more successful campaign


Part of a package

Combine our customer support team with our other services to create a bespoke package for your promotion


Leave it to the experts

Investing in a customer service team for a one-off campaign can be costly and time-consuming to organise. You could out-source to a third-party customer service agency, but how do you know you’ll be getting the quality of service your customers deserve?

That’s where we come in; our teams are focused purely on promotional campaigns and nothing else, meaning your customers will be getting the best possible answers from the best people in the business.

The result is a team that is highly responsive, professional and efficient in answering questions and solving any problems your entrants and winners may have. Instead of investing in a team of your own, pick the Prize Professionals.

Customer ServiceCustomer service

Customer service your customers deserve

From our experience, it’s much more than questions customers may need support with. Some may have issues with entering on their device or problems with an entry code. They may no longer have their receipt for a purchase or may simple want to know more about the competition or the prizes.

With so many possible answers for so many potential questions, our teams do much more than simply say ‘bear with me while I check’. With years of experience supporting multiple promotional campaigns, you can be sure our Prize Professionals will be providing your customers with the exceptional service they deserve.

How it works working with usHow it works partnering with us

How it works partnering with us

Whether you’re an agency, a brand or media, we adapt our way our way of working to work with you. We offer as much or as little support as you need and offer a full end-to-end range of services, meaning you can rely on us to plan your campaign, source your prizes, look after your entries and manage your winners.

We’re used to working from exact briefs or simply from an idea, and when it comes to our customer support teams, very little input is required from your side. As your partner agency, we’re here to support you in any way you need and we’re always on hand to assist in reaching your goals.

Tell us what your goals are or what you need from us, and we’ll help you do it.

Tell us what you need

Tell us what you need

Whether it’s a specific service we offer or an entire campaign, we can handle it

We'll help you do it

We’ll help you do it

Our years of experience and expert knowledge are second to none

Preferred partner agency

We’re a preferred partner agency

Some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies trust us as their preferred partner

Why work with usWhy work with us

Why you should partner with Prize Professionals

Experience, expertise and a wide range of services make us a partner agency of choice for many agencies and brands. Since we offer a full range of services needed in order to complete a campaign from start to finish, we’re able to support you as much or as little as you need.

Peace of mind and trust plays a huge part in any partnership and as an agency partner of choice for some of the world’s largest brands, we’re confident you’ll find working with us is a seamless and simple experience.


Request a quote

We work with agencies, brands and media, so we know everyone has different needs, in the same way every campaign has a different objective. We don’t use ‘off the shelf solutions’ because we believe there can’t be a one-size-fits-all for any successful prize promotion or incentive. That’s why we always create a bespoke quote based on what the brand or company wants that campaign to do, the type of prize or giveaway to include and all the logistics behind running a successful campaign.

So, even if you’re a little curious, request a quote below. You’ve got nothing to lose and you could be pleasantly surprised. All our quotes are totally flexible and we can tweak and refine campaigns to meet your budget while still meeting your objectives.