Promotional campaign end to end managementPromotional campaign end to end management

Promotional Campaign End to End Management

From planning and prize sourcing to winner management, we’ll take care of your entire promotional campaign with our exclusive end to end management

Promotional campaign end to end management by Prize Professionals is just that – We manage your entire campaign from the beginning with the planning, prize sourcing and fulfilment, to the very end with the logistics and winner management.

There are a lot of moving parts to a successful campaign, and here at Prize Professionals, we know how all those parts work best. It’s easy to overlook the smallest details which can sometimes cause the biggest headaches. Luckily, we have years of experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands and know exactly how to make a super successful campaign.

We’re an agency partner, meaning we’re on your side. Think of us as an extension of your own team working towards the same goals as you. Whether you have a complete brief that needs to be followed exactly, or you just know you want to do a promotional campaign, we can handle it and get you the results you expect.

Take the complexity out of a promotional campaign and let us do what we do best while you do what you do best.

Your campaign completed by the Prize Professionals

End to end

Completely end-to-end

Leave us to look after your entire campaign from start to finish, looking after all the logistics along the way

Perfect prizes

The perfect prizes

Prizes can really sell a campaign, which is why we have an extensive range of sources to find the perfect prize

Winners managed

Winners managed

A campaign is a two-way conversation, so as standard we offer customer support and winner management

End to endEnd to end

End to end, we mean it

When we say ‘end-to-end management’ we mean it. Not only do we source prizes that will appeal most to your target audience and give your campaign a boost, but we can fulfil and look after all of the logistics surrounding your campaign.

Our customer support teams are always available for customer questions, while our entry verification management software ensures every entry meets criteria and filters out any cheats. Every aspect of your entire campaign is handled by a team dedicated to your campaign, always available to you directly.

We can even design and build any online functionality your campaign may require such as a microsite for entry or a point of sale digital entry. Entry requirements and campaign rules can be whatever you like, from prizes drawn every hour to proof of purchase.

Since every campaign we manage is completely unique, we already have the tools available to ensure your promotion is just as successful as the campaigns we’ve managed before.

Exceptional resultsExceptional results

Exceptional results as standard

Promotional campaigns are what we do. It’s all we do, and as a partner agency we know it’s important to choose someone you can trust to achieve the results you require. Prize Professionals are specialists in all aspects of promo campaigns and this focus makes us experts in getting you the right results every time.

As a partner agency, we work with you to ensure your client, brand or product is promoted in the best possible way to your ideal audience. Coming up with a great idea is one thing, but sourcing the ideal prizes that will appeal to your customers, organising fulfilment and handling customer support are all key to ensuring a successful campaign.

With each individual piece of every campaign taken care of by our specialist experts, the result is a remarkable promotion that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

Partner with usPartner with us

How partnering with us works

We make partnering with us easy. Unlike other agencies, we’re happy to work how you work, making integration between our team and yours completely seamless. Having working with agencies big and small as well as brands global and niche, we have found everyone works in their own unique way, and that’s fine by us.

We start by getting to know each other, what you need us to do and your goals. We then feedback our years of experience and uncover areas you may not have thought of or ways we think we can help.

After we understand you, your target audience and your objective, we get to it. We’ll create a plan, source the prizes, organise any fulfilment and logistics surrounding the campaign such as a promotional microsite and any technical requirements. We’ll manage all entries to ensure they meet requirements and take care of your winners.

We work in a way that works for you, so why not see what great things we could do together.

Get to know us

Get to know us

And we’ll get to know you, such as how you work, who your audience is and what your objectives are

Tell us what you need

Tell us what you need

Give us as much or as little detail as you like. We’ve worked from detailed briefs to a vague idea

We'll do it

We’ll do it

Leave it all to us. It’s what we do best. We’ll keep you in the loop as your campaign progresses

Why partner with usWhy partner with us

Why you should partner with Prize Professionals

Apart from being experts in promotional campaigns with years of experience working with large global brands, a network of prize sources, technical know-how for digital entry and delivery and the best possible knowledge of what makes a successful promotion, we’re one of the easiest partners to work with.

We make things easy, meaning you only have us to deal with. Rather than one agency to look after the creative, another to source the prizes, another to look after the technical side of things, we handle it all. One point of contact for everything = less hassle and more time to do what you need to do.

Most of all, our teams are full of nice people who love what they do. Each and every one is enthusiastic about their speciality and that makes for a super efficient and generally lovely bunch.


Request a quote

We work with agencies, brands and media, so we know everyone has different needs, in the same way every campaign has a different objective. We don’t use ‘off the shelf solutions’ because we believe there can’t be a one-size-fits-all for any successful prize promotion or incentive. That’s why we always create a bespoke quote based on what the brand or company wants that campaign to do, the type of prize or giveaway to include and all the logistics behind running a successful campaign.

So, even if you’re a little curious, request a quote below. You’ve got nothing to lose and you could be pleasantly surprised. All our quotes are totally flexible and we can tweak and refine campaigns to meet your budget while still meeting your objectives.